Lutheran Campus Ministry: Upcoming Events

Here's what happens every week at the Campus Centre:


is on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m.  

We celebrate Holy Communion, and our table is open to all.

Campus Center Worship is a rich and dynamic mix of contemporary liturgies from the Lutheran tradition and around the world. 

Guided by God's gracious presence through word and Spirit, we explore big questions of justice,inclusion and social action 

As we make meaning together  our  spiritual lives are nurtured we learn to engage deeply with others who may have differing beliefs, and live in service with our neighbors.

All this happens in an setting that's relaxed and friendly

Worship is followed by a simple and tasty meal,   

If you can't make it for worship, you're always welcome to come for the meal!

On the Third Tuesday of the month we celebrate the rich diversity of our community with and ethnic supper.  We will keep the spices mild and expand your epicurean tastes gently. 

There is no charge for the meal (offers to cook,bring food or give a free will offering are always helpful)

What's coming along in the next few weeks? Have a look:

October 10th, (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), 
we'll be celebrating a "Thanks Living" meal together. 
After all the over-the-top consumption of our civic holiday
We will remember God's ongoing gifts to us 
by eating food that is grown locally, is lower on the food chain 
and tastes great. 

October 24th (a week before Reformation) 
Luther-fest supper. 
On the eve of the 500 birthday of the reformation 
we will gather for a German inspired meal.  
Bring a friend from STM 
as we celebrate our common gifts of faith and community. 

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every now and then for updated info.

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